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The real story behind the oak leaf

March 11, 2013


Victorops and current office mates were nice enough to do a little write up on angrybovine solution for their new brand. After a fun little interview with Tara Calihman here is apparently what I said. “How did you choose the oak leaf for the logo? The logo manifested itself after doing research on historic symbols […]

What I learned this year 2012

December 28, 2012


In my category of “since no on is asking”, I’ll just tell you. Here’s what I learned in 2012. 1. You can’t do it all by yourself. 2. Working with smart people, makes you way better than you actually are. 3. It’s ok to be afraid. (Feels kind of good in a weird way) 4. Speak your mind. Offer […]

Bordo Bello 2012

September 7, 2012


This is my second year participating in Bordo Bello. Bordobello is an event that brings together artists nation-wide for a common good. Bordo Bello’s funds go to AIGA Colorado’s mentorship opportunities. The fact that i want to there to be more, better designer and combined with my life long association with skateboarding this is an annual opportunity to make communication with my hands, […]

Cuckoo for gaga

January 23, 2012


Recently I was approached to design some skis for a rabid Lady Gaga fan and pretty damn go for it type of skier. I’ll admit it, at the onset of this project I was not a fan. I still dont think you’ll find much or any of her music in my music catalog, but after sorting though […]

What I Learned Last Year

January 7, 2012


So what did I learn last year? Probably very little, maybe a lot. I know I processed a ton of shit in my head that came out my arms and through my computer and emerged into the world, that some how, hopefully informed, inspired and or engaged someone or something. I am sure though now […]

Giveo cycling

October 6, 2011


As part of our on-going relationship and branding development for The cycling kits we designed for them are in and on the road. With such a passionate cycling team in house at Giveo, the extension from pixel to lycra was easy. The kit in addition to getting the giveo name out there on the road, literally. […]

new work: type studies for…

September 28, 2011


We are always excited about working on brands that have the potential for the use of real vernacular in their solutions…here are some studies we are working on for a new client.