The real story behind the oak leaf

Posted on March 11, 2013


Victorops and current office mates were nice enough to do a little write up on angrybovine solution for their new brand. After a fun little interview with Tara Calihman here is apparently what I said.

“How did you choose the oak leaf for the logo?

The logo manifested itself after doing research on historic symbols of victory. We asked ourselves about how the DevOps guys wanted to be rewarded and that led us to looking at the history of heraldry. Roman soldiers were decorated and given honors (often wreaths of oak, laurel was for peace times, this is found today on the bills of officers hats in our military today, jokingly referred to as “scrambled eggs”)after coming home victorious from battle. We kept coming back to this idea of being in the trenches and fighting a war. When we realized that oak leaves were a symbol of a triumphant return from battle, we really zeroed in on that.

Oak leaves aren’t that militant, can stand alone as a graphic and incorporate the outdoor feeling of Todd’s mountain basecamp. The logo was meant to get people to ask questions.”
Well at least that is some of what I said…you can read more about our process and goals at the victorops blog.

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