Bordo Bello 2012

Posted on September 7, 2012


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This is my second year participating in Bordo Bello. Bordobello is an event that brings together artists nation-wide for a common good. Bordo Bello’s funds go to AIGA Colorado’s mentorship opportunities. The fact that i want to there to be more, better designer and combined with my life long association with skateboarding this is an annual opportunity to make communication with my hands, and not a computer. This year I started with the idea of “What is old is new again. So I bought a triptych of decks. An old school, no nose shape reminiscent of the 80’s. A today board, wit their indistinguishable nose and tail. And what is referred to as a Cruiser deck, that is a big version of those plastic boards with urethane wheels from the 70’s. It started out to be just that a tritych. a story told in three parts. But that felt like what i did last year. SO I really thought about my history with skateboarding and how it really was inside me. Even now as a 40 something, I still can be driving down the road at 55 mph and go…”whoa, did you see that bank?” It’s still in there. So with That thought I made a lamp. Each board focusing that light thats been inside because of skateboarding. Skateboarding I think made me the person I am today. It taught me alot of rules I apply everyday in life to this very day.

Here is a list of what skateboarding taught me.

A. Shit’s hard. try harder.

B. Fall. A lot

C. Get up.

D. Try again.

E. Love what you do with such a passion that you will bleed for what you believe in.


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