What I Learned Last Year

Posted on January 7, 2012


So what did I learn last year? Probably very little, maybe a lot. I know I processed a ton of shit in my head that came out my arms and through my computer and emerged into the world, that some how, hopefully informed, inspired and or engaged someone or something. I am sure though now of a few things. Here are 10 of my favorites.

1. A business is a hard thing to run, no matter what size it is.

2. Family ( and friends) is/are always more important than anything else going on. Period. Amen. And Forever. Shalom.

3. I have always known this but my belief in “Trying harder than you ever thought you could.” has been further cemented and proven to always yield positive benefits.

4. When working with Start-ups remember…you’re designing the reality of someone’s dream. Try not to fuck it up.

5. Ask a lot. Listen more.

6. Pro-bono is for good, or something you believe in. Not that you’ll just do it for free. ( I’ve always known that, I just want the people who ask for “pro-bono” work for their software or beverage company to know.)

7. Teaching and mentoring often benefits the giver more than the receiver.

8. You don’t have to fill all spaces.

9. Work with people who genuinely want honesty and understand what you want to be/or are good at.

10. Knowledge is useless without mileage.

Rules to live by? Maybe not. But I know I thought about all of these things a lot this past year. How about you?