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Posted on December 13, 2010


I think ( I know) I talk a lot about staying motivated and fresh. For those of you who know me, you know a major source of my inspiration, enrgy and resulting motivation is my family. A bunch of folks have asked me recently to profile some of the ongoing work that I do for my children. Every year I make a book for them to honor their birthdays. They provide a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with my kids…but also give them something hopefully they can look back and be like ” Dang dad, this was cool.” They are also somewhat self serving, as they give me an opportunity to develop style and build new vernaculars that my day work doesn’t often afford. The stories themselves are tied to the year they are turning, revolving around some clumsily written yet heartfelt story by me then brought to life with visuals by me. Hopefully teaching some life lesson along the way. In my research of creating each of these things I can’t remember one of them where I didn’t learn something along the way too. Funny thing is their birthdays often seem to coincide with peaks in workload. Murphy’s law I guess, but it is simply reflective of the world of design…you just get it done. My kids, my family and friends for that matter are in a sense…like my clients I never want to miss a deadline or ever disappoint for any of them.

So have a look. The real energy is my books, the site…(you’ll see) is a rather rather janky, but simply was a digital place to park the books for record of posterity, and so remote friends and family could see them. I like to use these as an example that my life as a designer is based in craft. This is something I have to do. And all designers, creatives, accountants, lawyers…what ever your name plate, truck window or business card says who you are. Give something back to that thing you show up for everyday.

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