seeing your kids out in the world

Posted on May 7, 2010


For those of you who don’t have kids…don’t worry this should still make sense. I remember long before I ever had kids, I was in a shoe store with some friends. All of a sudden, a guy asks me ” You like those shoes?” I wheel around and it’s my Dad who took his lunch at the base PX where I was shopping too. I was freaked and glad I wasn’t fucking around like I normally would have been. I could see he was proud. Proud because, I was out in public, on my own, unguided and I wasn’t fucking around. Like normal. I can now relate to that as I am a father of 2 wonderful rambunctious loud boys. Who I am proud of everyday. But every once in a while catch a glimpse of them just being good on their own…and I am extra proud.  I am also a designer. And everything I create, a logo, a website, brand, etc. eventually gets sent out into the world. And you can only pray that out in public, on its own, unguided…isn’t fucking around and embarassing you.

I stopped by RockyMounts today and was proud of my “child” and the nice folks who have adopted it. Proud in the sense that I kind of programmed it with all I could and it was behaving well in situations I never imagined. I think that’s the thing that makes me excited everyday about what I do (being a parent and designer). Is that this gigantic experiment called work, continues to surprise, excite and please me. And this visit to RockyMounts and seeing how the logo is integrating into clothing, products and environmental was exactly all of those emotions. Its so exciting to see the new directions and influences that the logo has had on the people and products there and the effect the people and products have had on the logo.  I think it’s just awesome.

So parents and designers, remember… empower your “kids” with all that you can, there is a piece of you in everything you make. so make awesome. And make awesome proud.