who cares if they spelled my name wrong…its PR.

Posted on April 2, 2010


It’s funny how much I still love what I do. Maybe its the fact that new things keep happening. Like getting credit for what I’ve been doing forever. And it’s all do to with doing work for clients in a way that I believe in. Having worked in a number of creative agencies, and having built and led creative teams on the client side, I have had to do what I do up til now under someone elses rules. As a designer rules are what give us parameters to function within. But the more I look back and my experiences in settings of large corporatization of creative and design, I think it hems you in. Creatives need to be free to develop systems and approaches that allow the best work to come out. Sticking to forms and templates, and heavily guided calendars just make for strange bedfellows when your client is really entrusting you to be their partner and develop not only the things they are asking for, but the things they need. That’s how I am going about my business and this far I still wake up amped about what I do everyday. So thanks to thedenveregotist.com for the coverage. Check it out. And like I said…it’s PR and who cares they spelled my name wrong.

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