art for a good cause

Posted on November 30, 2009


So I signed up a while ago for this art project that I read about that benefits Access Gallery, and Youth Design Denver. Bordobello is the name of the organization and its their goal to expand the audience of AIGA Colorado and open up the design community to incorporate the related artistic fields that help shape our culture. Giving back to design and the community which I am a part of has taken on greater importance to my as I age (rapidly). I’ll admit it’s great fun, making design with my hands again. I only have hand-layed type a few times, and I forgot how hard it was. Hats off to OG typesetters around the world. It’s a craft for sure. We get so comfortable with auto leading, kerning and control Z, that we forget where all that started. I remember an old designer said to me how he missed how this “wonderful period of anticipation.” in reflection on how sped up the design to production process has become. he was referring to that period of handing off your comp to the type setter with rules and suggestions. It must have been odd and refreshing to have a little bit of variance and unpredictability be forced into your work. Anyway here’s what I started on ( thanks to Joe Miller for the inspiration on this)……still more to go…but use your hands once in a while, make something…a pie, a smile hell go make  a big trick. Just make something that makes you and others feel inspired to do the same.

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