angrybovine FTW

Posted on October 9, 2009


rockymounts_the_stoke_rgbRecently RockyMounts, a respected and well known rack designer and manufacturer located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado held a call for entries for submissions of new logo designs for their corporate presence. or as they put it ” After 13 years of using our original logo, we are in the market for a new one.” Anyway from what I hear over 300 people participated and I was honored to have crafted the chosen direction. As far as the accepted design, I wanted to create a mark that was more evocative of the experience that RockyMounts promises owners of it’s products. The fact that, once you throw your bike up on the roof its staying there and you’re on your way to fun and adventure. The mark is called “the stoke” It conveys a smile, the mountains, lakes and a typographic reference all contained in a modern little capsule. Typographically I wanted to communicate speed and movement. I have since met Bobby Noyes, Founder and Owner of Rocky Mounts and have nothing but high hopes for the new brand. Here’s to the future. Stay stoked.


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