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Let’s not forget it’s a craft.

January 14, 2008


In a “yeah, we can do that, whole site in just 3 weeks” type of world…it’s nice to get a somewhat sane time frame and deliver some real craftsmanship back to the client. Once in a while take your hand off the sausage machine and show the client, your team and yourself, that “damn, this […]

What’s in a name?

January 7, 2008


I’ll admit it…in my heart I am a graphic designer. This is a writing about graphic designers. I define a graphic designer as someone who understands form and content and has an understanding of how to artfully, thoughtfully and technically blur the previously mentioned into effective compelling communication. I hear lots of terms for us […]

The future role of Creative Directors?

January 2, 2008


OK. So it’s not very forward thinking…but hey I am gonna roll with it. So the New Year is upon us…that time we all look to the future. One of the rare times we really take time to ponder hope and effort. Hope; for what could be in the coming 365 days. Effort; reflect on […]